A. Lange & Söhne New boutiques in Moscow and New York

— Moscow and New York are the locales for A. Lange & Söhne’s Replica Watches next boutique inaugurations next autumn.

A. Lange & Söhne boutique in Moscow

In New York and Moscow, A. Lange & Söhne Swiss Replica Watches succeeded in finding top-tier properties at prestigious locations: on Madison Avenue, one of Manhattan’s liveliest shopping miles, and on Stoleshnikov pereulok, one of Moscow’s most exclusive shopping streets.

The New York venue is the manufactory’s second boutique in the USA, following Palm Beach.

With its constantly growing community of enthusiasts, Russia has ranked among the strategically important markets since Lange established a presence there in 2000. The official inauguration is scheduled to take place on 23 September 2014 in the nearby Stanislavsky Theatre.



The A. Lange & Söhne Boutique in New York.
© A. Lange & Söhne Fake Watches For Sale

By the end of the year, the timepieces from Saxony will be available at 13 Lange Boutiques as well as hand-picked points of sale in 62 countries around the world.

All the boutiques have in common the interior design concept that reflects the brand’s signature colours and materials, featuring boiserie panelling and sandstone elements. They offer representative collections as well as highly competent and attentive advisors.

Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Mechanical exceptions

— With new categories for calendar watches, chronographs and tourbillons at this year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, the new “Mechanical Exceptions” category, which brings to a close our analysis of the twelve categories in this year’s competition, is reserved for the most original, most sublime watchmaking complications. Here is our selection.

Jaquet Droz Urwerk Pierre DeRoche

Bird dance

When you are paying in excess of half a million Swiss francs for cheap Replica Watches, you have the right to expect great things. Jaquet Droz delivers them with its Bird Repeater watch, which is produced in a strictly limited edition of only eight pieces. Inspired by the automata produced by Pierre Jaquet Droz, which are now found in museums, as well as the prevalence of birds in his work, the Bird Repeater presents an authentic automaton, complete with a cam system just like those used in the original automata, reduced to fit into a 47mm gold case.

At the touch of a button, the picturesque scene on the dial, featuring a pair of blue tits at their nest, with the Saut du Doubs waterfall in the background, comes to life as the mother feeds her chicks and the father spreads his wings. An egg in the nest then opens to reveal a chick as the water streams over the cascade. The intricate animation is accompanied by the striking of the hours, quarters and minutes on a cathedral gong.



Bird Repeater.
© Jaquet Droz

Rolex Replica Watches the video

Weight loss

Although in a completely different register, the TNT Royal Retro 43 by Pierre DeRoche offers its own unique animation. The Dubois Dépraz calibre that powers the watch is exclusive to Pierre DeRoche and has six gear-driven retrograde seconds hands with a strip-spring return system. In an horological relay race, each hand sweeps around its ten-second scale before passing the baton on to the next and springing back to its starting point.

In its latest incarnation, the signature Pierre DeRoche complication is presented in a more modest 43mm case with a black PVD-coated titanium case middle and contrasting bezel, lugs, crown guard and crown in stainless steel. The visual ballet and the exclusive self-winding movement that powers it are both visible through scratch-resistant sapphire crystals on the front and back of the watch. The TNT Royal Retro 43 is a limited edition of 201 pieces.



TNT Royal Retro 43.
© Pierre DeRoche

Smart watch

There is little doubt that a modern luxury watch comes with a movement that offers superlative accuracy. Some brands back up their claims by submitting some or even all of their production to the COSC, which will certify that the movement is accurate in accordance with their exacting standards.

But all this is based purely on laboratory testing to simulate various wearing scenarios. Urwerk takes things a step further, however, by accommodating the technology to monitor the watch’s accuracy (which usually takes the form of a bulky Witschi timing machine on the watchmaker’s benchtop) within the watch itself. As if that wasn’t enough, the wearer of the EMC watch can even adjust the length of the balance spring himself by turning a screw on the case back, thus correcting the rate of the movement based on the instantaneous rate delta that can be displayed on demand.

The whole process starts with a few turns of a hand crank on the side of the case to charge up a capacitor to power a mini computer that compares the frequency of oscillations of the 4Hz UR-EMC calibre against a 16,000,000 Hz reference signal. After a three-second measurement period, the result is displayed on the most prominent scale on the dial, with the humble hours and minutes relegated to a subdial at the bottom right of the case. The EMC is a smart watch ahead of its time.



© Urwerk Swiss Replica Watches

F.P.Journe Octa Sport in titanium

Octa Sport titanium

New addition to the lineSport, F.P.Journe introduces the Octa Sport with a case in titanium grade 5, high tech and ultra light material of dark grey colour with matte finishing. In a quest for performance and lightness, the movement and dial are made of aluminium alloy and this Rolex Replica watches weighs from 60 to 70 grams depending of the model.

The Octa Sport titanium offers 120 hours power reserve (5 days) and a rotor in titanium with Tungsten segment using each movement of the wrist. Rubber inserts fixed with an outstanding process to the sides of the case and the links of the bracelet reinforce its contemporary design.

The new Octa Sport titanium is also proposed with a rubber strap and both versions are available from all F.P.Journe Boutiques and points of sale.

The lineSport is conceived specifically for a sportive lifestyle, coupled with an automatic movement of authentic high horology. The Octa Sport in titanium retain the properties of the Octa calibers: five days power reserve, central hour and minutes, small second at 6h, power reserve at 10h30, day/night indication at 9h, and a large date at 1h.

Christophe Claret Maestoso soon available at boutiques

— As promised at Baselworld 2014 Swiss Replica Watches, the first Maestoso pieces will be available at boutiques in Asia and Europe as of September this year.

Maestoso, or gris © Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret and his team have worked for seven years on developing Maestoso, with the aim of equipping a wristwatch with a traditional high-precision detent escapement – a mechanism generally found only in stabilized clocks.

The escapement is the heart of all mechanical watches. It is a key element of the regulating system, the mechanism controlling timing precision by governing power released from the mainspring. Invented in the mid-18th century, the detent escapement is unrivalled in terms of performance and accuracy. It was originally designed for marine chronometers. However, the system has rarely featured in a wristwatch, primarily due to its sensitivity to shocks. But with Maestoso, Christophe Claret has managed to equip a wristwatch with a traditional high-precision detent escapement.

The manual-winding movement of the  Rolex Replica watches – that has been awarded three patents – also features dual mainspring barrels, a constant force mechanism, stop seconds, and a micrometric worm screw on the regulator to regulate the timing rate.



Maestoso, en or rose 5N et titane grade 5.
© Christophe Claret Fake Watches Sale

Maestoso belongs to Christophe Claret’s Traditional Complication Breitling Replica Watches collection and features materials and finishing in keeping with the very best in high-end watchmaking.

Three different versions are available, each one in a limited series of 20 pieces: white gold and anthracite PVD-treated grade 5 titanium case – red ruby and black PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova; 5N red gold and anthracite PVD-treated grade 5 titanium case – black ceramic and anthracite PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova; and 5N red gold case – black ceramic and anthracite PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova.

Maxime Rius, Parmigiani’s man in Moscow

Maxime Rius has responsibility for servicing and repairing the Parmigiani Replica Watches in Moscow

Parmigiani Fleurier has sent an atypical and loquacious watchmaker to the Russian capital. Born in Normandy, France, Maxime Rius has set up the Manufacture‘s workshop in the city, where he has sole responsibility for servicing and repairing the Rolex Replica watches brought to him by his Russian and Kazak clientele. Meet the man.

Back in 2011, Maxime Rius would have preferred Asia as a destination. But as he says himself, life sometimes dictates otherwise. Given the chance to combine his passion for watchmaking with a love of travel, he didn’t hesitate to up sticks and move to Moscow. “I had nothing to lose,” he remembers, breaking into a smile. “I was 27, single, so I went for it and have never looked back.” Granted, Parmigiani Fleurier did make him an offer he couldn’t refuse: to go from a position as a watchmaker in After Sales Service to ASS senior complications watchmaker in three years, and live abroad into the bargain. A promotion which, as Rius is quick to point out, could never have happened so quickly in Europe.

Not that it was all plain sailing for this Frenchman, now aged 30, since the day fifteen years earlier when he was “blown away” at the sight of a watchmaking workshop. “I was with my parents,” he recalls with a chuckle. “I told them there and then that was what I wanted to do!” At the time, mum and dad didn’t take him too seriously.

Maxime, however, had made up his mind and, captivated by the intricacies of mechanics, was prepared to make whatever sacrifices were necessary. First he had to leave his native Normandy for the east of France and Morteau, the centre of France’s watchmaking industry, where he was given a place at the local technical college. This first stage in what would be a long journey taught him what he didn’t want… beginning with, surprisingly, a job in Switzerland. “There are enough students leaving school with Switzerland in their sights. They don’t need me as well,” he declared, unfazed. More than anything, he wanted to share his passion, his knowledge and, in doing so, continue to progress. “I don’t want to feel penned in somewhere. You have to love the place you live. Back then, I was already dreaming of somewhere further afield.”


When the chance arose to leave Morteau and take up a volunteer position training watchmakers in Lebanon, he didn’t think twice, dropping his final-year studies in métiers d’art and moving to Beirut. The experience, however, was cut short following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, six months after his arrival. For his own safety, he was advised to leave the country.

In the space of a week, Lebanon’s warm exuberance gave way to the calm and quiet of his parents’ home in Normandy. The excitement and energy he had poured into his work were pulled from under him, leaving a gaping hole. Maxime Rius remembers “drifting” through the next three months until he finally found the means to bounce back. He spent a little over two years with a large watch repair firm in Orléans, a chance to acquire solid experience in what he describes as “something and everything”. Next he was given approval to service Rolex Replica Watches, which took him to a new job in Le Havre. Rius recalls how “nerves got the better of me on the day of the test and I messed up, but I was so motivated they still passed me.” When the jeweller‘s he worked at in Le Havre lost its accreditation, Rolex offered him a job in Paris, working for the Rolex concession at the Galeries Lafayette department store.

This new position put the young watchmaker in almost direct contact with an essentially international clientele, prompting him to look seriously into finding a job outside France. With a little nudge from fate, his destiny was to take a completely new turn: an acquaintance mentioned that Parmigiani Fleurier was looking for a watchmaker to be based in Moscow. Russia hadn’t been top of his list of destinations, but he decided to try his luck. The position had been vacant for the past two years and, needless to say, over in Val-de-Travers his application was given careful consideration.

In at the deep end

Both parties soon reached an agreement. After three months’ training in Switzerland, equipping him to work unassisted on the Manufacture’s base movements, it was time to go. Maxime Rius landed in Moscow one April day in 2011. The language, the sheer size of the city, the expressionless faces of the people in the streets, nothing had prepared him for this. “Cyrillic script was a nightmare at first, but I was able to settle in quickly thanks to the welcome and support I was given by the Parmigiani team in Moscow. Once you’re in the swim, you soon get the hang of things. Don’t be fooled by the cold faces either. The people here like to have a good time.” The other side of the coin being the intense pace of life in Moscow. “Customers want everything, on the spot, and negotiate prices. The advantage is that you know where you stand. It’s either yes or no.”

Having sole responsibility for repairs, Maxime has to stay on his toes and find the solution to whatever is ailing the Swiss Replica Watches that find their way to his workbench, whereas in Switzerland, responsibilities are clearly defined. He admits to sometimes missing having colleagues around. “When I worked at Galeries Lafayette, the proximity with other brands made me feel I was part of one big family, where there was always someone I could share ideas with. I do miss that a little here in Moscow, given the size of the city and the distance between the different Omega Replica watches brands’ stores.” Not that Maxime Rius has any regrets. Recently married and a father-to-be, he just joined a Russian heavy metal group as its new drummer.

Eberhard & Co Traversetolo

— The brand presents a special limited series dedicated to the Ambrí Piotta Hockey Club.

Traversetolo Ambrí Piotta

After having renewed sponsorship of the Ambrì Piotta Hockey Club for the 2014/2015 season, one of the most loved Swiss hockey teams, presents a special limited series of its Traversetolo “time-only” model dedicated to the Club: 77 specimens, as many as the HCAP years founded in 1937, ready to “personalise” the wrists of sportspeople and supporters.

The Traversetolo has a case of large proportions (ø 43 mm) coupled with a mechanical hand-wound movement inspired by a mechanism of the ‘50s and perfected over time. The white dial with black Arabic numerals, luminous points and a small seconds counter at the 6 o’clock position, is personalised with the HCAP logo in the traditional blue colour. Also in blue the stitching adorning the honey-coloured leather strap which makes Traversetolo even sportier.

Eberhard & Co Traversetolo Ambrí Piotta

Traversetolo Limited Series Ambrí Piotta
© Eberhard & Co Replica Watches For Sale

Lovers of Swiss Replica Watches making and ice hockey will get the chance to buy one of the 77 prestigious specimens through the dedicated section present on the HCAP website www.hcap.ch.