Luxury Online Fake Panerai’s Latest Radiomir Watches Feature Bronze From The Brand’s Eilean Yacht

When Giovanni Panerai first opened his perfect replica watches shop in Florence, Italy in 1860, the idea of an NFT would have been nothing less than incomprehensible. And so, over 160 years later, the brand is aggressively taking on 2022 with its new Experience Edition line, featuring 1:1 US Panerai fake watches that transcend wristwear itself to accompany real-life—and digital—experiences.

The first piece in the Experience Edition series is none other than a new version of best wholesale Panerai replica watches’ vintage-themed Radiomir, with a case that features bronze that’s been salvaged from the brand’s Eilean yacht restoration some fifteen years ago. Built in 1936, the Eilean was designed by Scottish boat builder William Fife and acquired by 2022 Panerai copy watches in 2006, where it’s functioned as a floating brand ambassador since its relaunch in 2009. Interestingly enough, the Eilean was also used in the 1982 music video for Duran Duran’s “Rio,” so you know it’s led an interesting life.

As for the replica Panerai watches shop site itself, it boasts a P.6000 caliber hand-wound mechanical movement with a full three-day power reserve. The engraved patina steel case is 45mm in diameter and incorporates the specially-obtained bronze in the bezel, crown, and engraved case back that’s protected with a sapphire crystal coating. Both the hands and indices are luminous with vintage-colored lume, while the dark blue sandwich dial boasts a teak pattern that recalls the deck of the Eilean. Sticking with the nautical theme, the Swiss movements super clone watches boasts 100m water resistance.

Limited to just 50 pieces, the high quality fake Panerai Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition watches is priced at $40,100, but that hefty sum gets you more than the cheap replica watches. Included with the purchase of the timepiece is a journey aboard its namesake yacht along the Amalfi Coast, along with ownership of one of 50 Panerai Genesis NFTs — a digital artwork produced exclusively for the brand.