Top Fake Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches

The Panerai Luminor 8 Days Set replica contains two watches inspired by models created in the pre-Vendôme era. In those years, a few watches were produced and they quickly became highly sought after in the collector’s market.

Replica Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches

Replica Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches

The Luminor Black Seal Left-Handed 8 Days is the version with the winding crown and the lever device protecting it on the left side of the case of the historic Luminor Black Seal. The tradition of making watches for left-handers had already been started by Panerai in the 1940s, when some perfect Panerai copy watches were manufactured in this way to available be worn on a frogman’s right wrist, while the compass and depth gauge were worn on the left.Top Fake Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches--

The Luminor Daylight 8 Days, the other watch in the Luminor 8 Days Set, is the reproduction of a model of 1996 of which only few models exist. Featuring the white dial with all the markers and the hands covered in an intense blue color, we can find the charming detail of the historic model is perfectly take on the new timepiece. Top Fake Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches-

The two top fake Panerai watches are supplied in a box inspired by those used for vintage Luminor watches, made of pear wood with a teak base and containing a model of the human torpedo, along with a rare publication about the military equipment of the special forces of the Royal Italian Navy, in which Panerai watches and instruments appear.Top Fake Panerai Luminor 8-Days Set Watches 1